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#17: Professor Gordon Marino on The Philosophy of Existentialism

October 21, 2021

Gordon Marino earned his PhD from the University of Chicago, M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and B.A. from Columbia University. His areas of specialization include History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Kierkegaard. He teaches philosophy and related courses as a professor at St. Olaf College and holds a position as the curator of the Kierkegaard Library. In 2018, Marino published his most recent book, The Existentialist’s Survival Guide. He has authored and co-authored numerous works, including Kierkegaard in the Present Age. His articles have appeared in internationally acclaimed news sources and periodicals such as The Atlantic MonthlyNew York Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and the American Poetry Review. Follow Gordon here

 Links from discussions in the episode

Jake La Motta

Gay Talese

Who is Soren?

What is Terror Management Theory

The sickness unto death

Leo Tolstoy "The Death of Ivan Ilyich"

The Philosophy of William James

Order Gordon's book here “The Existentialist's Survival Guide: How to Live Authentically in an Inauthentic Age”

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